Do you need a wetsuit?

No, February bay waters are fine for just bathers, tri-suits and similar.

What kind of bike do you need?

Any bike will do so long as in good working order / safe. Those at the front of the field will be on road bikes, which there will be many mountain bikes and who knows, even a basket on the front of one or two. A helmet that fits your head and working straps is required to participate in the bike leg.

Can you share bikes?

‘Full Relay’ Team Event – Yes, as within a team you are going one after the other, bikes can be shared where required.
‘Fun Relay’ Team Event – No, Bikes are unable to be shared between teams as cyclists will need to go out on course at similar times.

What clothes do you need?

Generally, participants are in tri-suits, but really anything practical is permitted. Torso must be covered on the bike and run for any male who swims in just trunks.

How good a swimmer do you need to be?

Elwood Surf Life Saving Club have board paddlers in the water to grab onto for those who need a quick rest while on the 400m swim. A basic level of swimming competence is required. Participants are welcome to assess the water conditions on the day and choose to bypass the swim and start their event from the swim finish. They will need to notify staff at the swim.

Can anyone register?

Any company, group, or club is welcome to register. Results will be categorised into these three categories.

Do we pay individually?

Registration fees are per team, not per individual. To pay for your team registration, ensure you are on your “team registration page”. Should your company look to pay for multiple teams, please email info@o2events.com.au

How do I access/re-access my team’s entry?

ACCESSING YOUR TEAMS PORTAL Each ‘Group’ or ‘Company’ has a Team Admin who can access the backend of the system to view their portal.

To access your team entries portal click here. 

To access your Marquee and catering portal click here.

Please note you will be required to enter your email each time which will send you your access link.

What can I change/update in the portal?:

  • Pay any outstanding purchases
  • Add/change team members
  • Update individuals information
  • Add/delete teams
  • Access your registration link so athletes can join your team/company
  • View your Teams race numbers

Individual Entry / Can we have additional individuals participate?

There is the opportunity for a Team Member to be part of 2 ‘Full Relay’ Teams – in this instance we recommend you list them as team member 1 on Team A, and Team Member 3 on Team B to enable them to complete both roles.
The alternative is for additional individual(s) to register via this link HERE for the individual event, where they will post an individual time and not be part of any team ($130 per person). This is used for specifically this instance of having odd numbers to neatly fit onto teams. They will not display in your group summary as part of the team event.

How does Team Transition work (Where members change over)?

‘Full Relay’ Team Event – 3 Team members complete a full Triathlon each, one after the other, handing over an ankle timing band between members in the ‘Team Transition’ Area.

‘Fun Relay’ Team Event – In this event, 2 or 3 members share the legs of one Triathlon. For example, I do the swim, and then hand over the ankle timing band to my teammate who does the ride, then hand over again to last teammate who does the run. All changeovers are made at the bike rack for this event.